Tuesday, 1 August 2017

Has it been that long

Sorry everyone. I have somewhat neglected this for a long time. I still cook and I still enjoy restaurants but my creativity has been a little off kilter in recent years so this just became somewhere I came back to for ideas. The reason for the renewed interest is two fold. Firstly I need to get back to writing up my food experiences and, secondly, I have received great news from the Sous Vide Supreme guys.

I love my Sous Vide but the biggest issue I have with it is that I either have to leave food in it all day while I am at work or I have to switch it on when I get home and wait for it to reach temperature. Finally, they are going to produce an Internet connected Sous Vide that I can control via Alexa or an app. Awesome. I will be able to cook at weekends. Freeze the results and then place the frozen food in  the sous vide as I leave for work. Set a temperature, start and finish time and great food at serving temperature will be ready when I need it. Better still, if I decide to go for a beer on the way home or there is a problem at work that delays my return then I can re-schedule dinner via the app.

If you want to get on board and get an excellent discount then take a look here :

I have made my pledge and am looking forward to receiving my new souse vide sometime in March 2018.