Thursday, 26 September 2013

A Name to Watch

Hammet House

From time to time I travel down to Wild West Wales to visit my mum. Since she has a rather small bungalow my wife and I use the visit as an excuse to try out places to stay and eat nearby. On one of these visits last year we decided to try out Hammet House in Llechryd ( ). I was interested in seeing what the new owners had done to it since they took over the then ramshackle Castle Malgwyn Hotel.

A New Take on the Grand Tour.

Around the time the house was built it was in vogue to travel Europe on a Grand Tour and collect furniture and objet d'art that were then proudly displayed in such large homes. Since taking over this tired old seat the new owners have refreshed it's interior with their own take on the Grand Tour. It is filled with an eclectic mix of modern furnishing design icons and items that are quite a shock if you were expecting a traditional country house but so much more interesting.Once your eyes and imagination have been excited by your surroundings then the next adventure begins. Dinner is served from and extensive and cleverly constructed bar and dinning room menu. You are free to mix and match from both and the food is awesome. Their young chef has a fantastic palate that has created dishes the like of which I have only experienced in the very best of the 'Michelin' listed restaurants. I cannot praise the food enough. I have no doubt that Andy Beaumont, the head chef will go on to greater and greater things. I received a post earlier to inform me he now has his own facebook page. Keep an eye out for this young man. He will go far so take a tip from me and get down to West Wales and try out his food before he moves up into the limelight and it costs you a fortune to try his food if you can get a booking.Here is the link to his page :

I must get down there again soon. Watch out for a post when I next get down there for a slap up meal. If you have a little more freedom with your time than me then keep an eye out for their special events like the Organic Wine Flight Dinner on the 4th of October 20013. Sounds like a real treat but I will have my hands full dealing with a new summer house. Bad planning on my part.

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