Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Bad day, bad day

Sorry guys. In Jackie Chan speak - ' Bad day, Bad day' . Too much hassle and fuss so I returned home with one intention my local Thai restaurant. Great fresh food cooked a little 'English' for the faint at heart but good enough for Thai nationals to turn up for a dish tailored to their palate that would make the bravest phaal eater break into a cold sweat.

Tamarind duck, Thai fish cakes, coconut rice, a rather warm green curry and the dish I fight to keep to myself, chili mushrooms. An evil and addictive dish that transforms a simple fungus into a drug. Their chef manages to season with both sugar and salt, a light batter that compliments fresh chopped red chili  to the point of seduction. My thirst (can't be the right word) for a chili burn and the taste of fresh herbs and spices (nothing beats the bite of fresh green pepper) sated I have returned home to enjoy a relaxing Armagnac in front of the TV. The coq au vin ready for this evening will live another day in the fridge and this gives me time to contemplate rhubarb, in Sauternes or with lemon and vanilla seeds (then again, why not both).

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