Friday, 25 October 2013

What to do....

A short post that may spawn more.

A friend told me about a fish supplier they had tried and suggested I may like to try them too. The town I live in has a poor supply of fish. The local supermarket has a fish counter and there is a stall in the market on a Saturday but if you want fresh fish (and know what fresh fish looks like) then you have to be lucky to get what you want.

I took a look at and fell in love with the idea of smoked langoustines, smoked mussles and kippers for Sunday breakfast. I know I was looking for 'fresh fish' but I love smoked fish. The langoustines were landed on Wednesday, hot smoked and with me today so they are definitely fresh.

The little treasure trove was sent out yesterday for delivery this morning. Packed in an insulated box with an ice pack, they arrived ice cold and were popped into the fridge just after this photograph was taken.

There is a farmers market and an artisan fair tomorrow so I have a chance to grab some additional fresh ingredients before I get round to creating something special. the big question now is 'what ?'. Watch this space and I'll tell you what these great ingredients end up in. With the exception of the kippers. Fresh kippers for Sunday breakfast are a given :)

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